Just like Wine, olive oil differs from one country or region to another because of the following factors:

  • Type and variety of olive grown 
  • Location and soil conditions of the olive grove 
  • Weather during the growing season 
  • The ripeness of the Olive 
  • Timing of the harvest 
  • Method of harvesting 
  • Length of time between the harvest and pressing 
  • The pressing technique 
  • Methods of packaging and storage 

All of these factors play their part to the individual characteristics of the olive oil. Some of the notable characteristics found in olive oils produced in some of the major olive growing areas are:

  • California - Californian olive oil is typically light in both colour and flavour, with a mild fruity taste
  • Crete - Cretan olive oil is simply the best in the world! Organic, hand harvested and traditionally produced it is outstanding. 
  • France - French olive oil is normally paler in colour and sweeter and milder in flavour than other varieties
  • Greece - Greek olive oil has a strong flavour and aroma and tends to be rich green colour
  • Italy - Italian olive oil is usually dark green in colour and has an herbal, peppery and grassy flavour
  • Portugal - Portuguese olive oil has a strong, fully ripe flavour and is a delicious golden colour
  • Spain - Spanish olive oil is typically golden yellow with a fruity, aromatic, nutty flavor